Self Portrait as Hannah, Samuel’s Mother, Part of Biblical Women Series 2014 ©

“Photography is a significant part of my daily life, filling and charging me with the desire to keep on creating. Every moment of photographing is accompanied with a childish excitement as if it were the first time.
The camera enables me to see life at one frame at a time and to discover a whole world within it; to choose one moment in time, to commemorate it, to hold its beauty, to examine it and see what the eye missed in a glimpse: a speck of dust, a single light, movement of fabric, water…
I photograph women. For me a woman is the essence of existence, who is containing, has all the beauty and procraetion, childishneess, femininety and maternity.
Attracted mostly to staged photography, the scenes come to me from love and attraction to beauty everywhere, my sources of inspiration are classic art renaissance, myths, biblical stories, classic literature….

I see my photographs as describing beauty and optimism, both apparently are in the eyes of the beholder…”


Born in Tiberias, Israel, 1976,  Mother to children Ma’ayan, Gefen & Nevo, married to beloved husband Modi.
Dikla Laor lives in Givat Yoav, Golan Heights, Israel.
M.A Student, The Department of Biblical Studies, University of Haifa.
B.A in Humanities and Communications, cum laude, Bar Ilan University.
Visual & Interactive Communications Engineer degree, Kinneret College.
Dikla Laor is the owner of  Webtopus, Web design & development company, since 2004.

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