I must express my deep appreciation for Dikla’s art work, for joining the multi-generational beauty of Bible commentators and observers, and for her bold photographs, which enliven the ancient stories, bringing forth a new spirit.

Prof. Yair Zakovitch

The photography book summarizes six-years of work and contains 40 photographs plus 1 bonus photograph… 41 Biblical Stories. This project allows me to tell the stories of the Bible again, today, from my point of view, through the camera and this time through female figures.

During the creative process, the Biblical story is disconnected from the sequence of time to which it belongs, from its geographical location, and it naturally inherits my interpretation. The women do not necessarily have a Mediterranean look, they are diverse and unique Israeli women. I place the stories in my back yard, the Golan Heights.

Each photograph in the project is a complete production, preceded by months of collecting materials and study. It begins with the simplification of the Midrashim of the Sages, external books, modern literature and poetry…so many female figures in the Bible, and each a figure with a story. Even seemingly secondary figures are given the opportunity in the stories of the sages to develop and complete the contexts.

This photographic project presents the Biblical women in their full glory, shines on them a bright spotlight depicting them as saviors, powerful, as if they acted in accordance with their will or prophecy in order to achieve their goal, as though they were behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The fact that Dikla says what she says in the language of photography and not in words does not matter a bit, and her creativity is worthy of entering an interpretive community with biblical commentators from a position of confidence in its interpretation and understanding. And so it is necessary to say that each and every wonderful photograph blends the landscape of the country, the biblical stories, the sources that followed, her discerning eye and her unique interpretation of an exceptional artist.

Prof. Avigdor Shinan

Book Describtion

  • Book size 30X26 CM
  • The book is written in Hebrew and is partly translated into English. Book open from right to left.
  • Hardback
  • Dust Jacket
  • Foil Stamping
  • 172 Pages
  • 8 Large photographs fold out section, equal to 3 single pages
  • High quality thick 210gm papper
  • Sewn spine & ribbon marker
  • Book open from right to left.
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